Attapoll Important Update – 24 August, 2022

If You Are doing AttaPoll Surveys Then Please Read this

We are trying To provide genuine Answer. But still attapoll ka quota full hone par uss answer par bhi disqualify kar dete because Users bahut hai. Still Hum Provide karenge and Din me 6-7 Survey Ate hai keep checking.

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Answer Suggestions for Surveys

1) Ho sake to Hamesa female Dalo
2) 1985 , 1986 age me Dalo Mostly
3) Hamesa jada developed city dalo Like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi
4) Post – Graduate Dalne ka try karo
5) Income me List ka Middle ke 1-2 Niche wala select karo
6) Age Jab bhi Dalo to 1985, 1986 Year jo bhi select karo uske according Age Dalo

7) Always Choose IT ( information Technology )

8) Self Employed ( Mostly )

9) Full Time ( Mostly )

10) If Puchhe apke kitne kid hai ? Then Always Choose 2

11) Always Give Genuine Review

Har Answer Unique way me do, Still Disqualify hote ho to bas ek chij Notice karo ki kyu hore disqualify aur kis chij par hore disqualify jisse next time se alag option choose kar Sako… And id ban hui ho to new id banalo

Din bhar me 7-8 Bar check karna 6-7$ Ka total survey milake milega hi To Keep checking. Also Survey aate hi karlo instant try karo

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